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The fire company is always looking for new members!  If you have ever thought of doing something great for the community, check us out!  Free training, free gear, and uniforms.  Make new friends, meet your neighbors, and learn something new.  It’s never too late to volunteer.  If you are interested, please stop by the firehouse Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm and fill out an application, or fill out the Initial Contact Form online.

Plainsboro Fire Company is proud to announce new programs. Come volunteer and support Plainsboro Fire Company as a Duty Crew Member, Fire Police Member, Business Member, or the traditional full active membership.

The BEST Membership benefit and incentive programs!!!

DUTY CREWS are required to commit to 26 evening shifts and participate in departmental training. DUTY CREW members concentrate on a family style atmosphere, where the crews cook and train together during their time covering the station for fire calls.

All membership classes participate in the best training!!
(Plainsboro FC Is a certified training facility through NJ Division of Fire & Safety)

We are fortunate to have top of the line Apparatus and provide thorough training and commitments to Plainsboro Twp and to our mutual companies in the following disciplines:
– Engine and Truck Company Operations
– Water, Ice, and Swift Water Technicians
– Vehicle Extrication
– Advanced Water Supply (Tanker Task And LDH pipeline Task Forces)
– Fire Police and Traffic Diversion
– Daytime First Responder
– ETC!!

Call volume achieved just shy of 800 calls a year for 2019!!

Thanks for your interest in becoming part of a great organization. We are always looking for individuals that want to volunteer their time and are always accepting applications for membership. The requirements for each type of membership are listed below.

Active Member

Must respond to 30% of all fire and emergency calls, attend a minimum of 50% of monthly drills, attend a minimum of 50% of all regularly scheduled monthly meetings, and must pass the fire company’s medical examination requirements.

Associate Member

Anyone 18 years of age or older who wish to contribute to the fire company’s operation by playing a non-firefighting support role. Examples of this type of support is administrative office work, cleanup, and parades. Associate members may only attend fire calls and drills in a non-firematic support role and at the discretion of the officer in charge. Must attend 50% of monthly meetings in order to retain associate membership. Individuals joining the fire company as associate members shall successfully complete a 1 year probationary period. After successfully completing the probationary period you may serve as chairperson of committees, as a training officer, engineer, bench officer or trustee. Must attend 50% of monthly meetings.

Junior Member

Anyone between the ages of 16-18 years old. Junior members shall not vote on company business or hold office. Junior members shall not respond to fire calls, during school hours or after 10 p.m. on school nights. Junior members must adhere to the rules and regulations established by the Board of Fire Commissioners and all applicable state statutes and regulations. Must attend 30% of calls, 50% of meetings and 50% of drills.

Non-resident Day Time Member

Anyone who is employed in, but does not reside in Plainsboro Township. This includes a member of another fire department who has the proper certification required by the State Of New Jersey and the Board of Fire Commissioners of Plainsboro Fire District No. 1. A non-resident member who completes the fire company’s training requirements may participate in firefighting activities, and with permission of the Chief and Board Of Fire Commissioners qualify as an apparatus operator. Must attend 30% of calls, 50% of meetings and 50% of drills.