RIC To Monroe

RIC 49 into Monroe 57 for a 2nd Alarm fire. FIRE, DWELLING ** John Adams Ct Monroe (MI)  XSTREETS: Concordia Cir/Driveway ID: 2019-0016087    

Kitchen Fire West Windsor

ENGINE 49 3rd due on an ALL HANDS kitchen fire in West Windsor 43 FIRE, DWELLING ** Greenfield Dr S West Windsor  XSTREETS: Holman Ct/Yorkville Way ID: 2019-0014464 RADIO: East Response 1 : Tac 1

RIT Training

On Sunday, March 10th, Plainsboro Fire Company contracted Future Fire Service Training LLC Jim Ogle Jr. for DOWN & DIRTY rapid intervention / Strive to Survive !!! This is part of Plainsboro’s quarterly RIC training in accordance...
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Tower 49 To Monmouth Junction working fire

Tower 49 to Monmouth Junction for a working structure fire. Jamesburg Engine and Plainsboro Tower taking a breather after today’s 3rd Alarm Fire in Monmouth Junction. The Burg will always be our brother and...
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Ladder 49 to Princeton

LADDER 49 goes to work in Princeton for a working basement fire FIRE, DWELLING ** Jefferson Rd Princeton  XSTREETS: Wiggins St/Hawthorne Ave ID: 2019-0012644 RADIO: North Response 1 : Tac 2 REMARKS: [1] PER PRINCETON...
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Ravens Crest Investigation

(Sta. 49) INVESTIGATION, N.O.S. 5*** Ravens Crest Dr Plainsboro XSTREETS: Ravens Crest Dr E/Scott Corner ID: 2019-0012378 Ladder 49 and Engine 49 investigating a possible appliance fire this morning in Raven’s Crest.